Discover Golden Ring of Russia


New destinations at Triplantica!

We constantly watch what our users type into "Where to go?" field. And even if nothing happened at once, please be sure we'll add your desired destination soon!
Today we're glad to anounce new destinations became available!
- Washington, Chicago and Orlando
- Kazahstan and Uzbekistan
- Bangkok and Pattaya
- Tokyo and Kyoto
- Seoul

Manage destinations order

Have you even been to Côte d'Azur? Simply select cities you wish to visit on a map and let Triplantica do the rest! Enjoy easy trip planning!


Kazahstan is added!


No more limits in our trip plan editor

At last it has become possible to freely edit a travel itinerary! Now you can:
- move sights between days;
- change sights' order within one day;
- add extra sights from "What else to visit" list
Take advantage of combining intelligent trip planning mechanism and manual trip altering capability. Check it out!


More Cyprus sights

Today we added lots of new places of interest in Cyprus! Plan your perfect Cyprus vacation with us!


Even more convinient trip planning

Today a new Triplantica update was released! We added new trip adjustment instruments and improved usability!
- Each sight visit duration can be manually adjusted;
- With new "Richness" instrument you can set the rhythm of your trip from relaxed to "see everything on the run";
- All the preferences adjustments you make are stored within your profile and implicitly used as your next trip default settings;
Check it out!

New York is already available

Confused of what to see in New York? Let Triplantica guide you!


Choose destinations on map

We've got a new hot feature released! Now you can choose either one or many destinations on Map! Check it out and tell us what you think about it!


Explore Israel

Going to Israel? Triplantica can help to plan your travel itinerary!


Huge update

We've got a significant Triplantica release today!
Every registered user now has a personal account page "My trips" where all planned trips are listed. Also you can share any of your trips in the most popular social networks to get valuable comments and advice from your friends!
Check it out!

Discover Saint-Petersburg with us

Let Triplantica plan your perfect trip to Saint-Petersburg in 5 minutes!


Istanbul is already here

Planning a trip to Istanbul? Triplantica is eager to help you!


Triplantica new version released

We added handy navigation through the days and new picturesque photos at welcome page!

Detailed sight description

Long-awaited feature has finally become available. Now you can discover detailed sight description and picture when clicking on a sight in the schedule. If you spot a mistake please let us know by clicking "Complain" button. We'll do our best to fix it shortly.
Trip planning is easier with Triplantica!


Discover Moscow

We are glad to announce that Triplantica now can plan travel itineraries around Moscow! Enjoy trip planning with us!


Triplantica new version released!

Geographic maps were added to PDF! Check it out!