What is Triplantica?

Triplantica is your personal travel itinerary planning assistant.

Set the date, your interests, the desired intensity of the day, and then allow Triplantica to automagically plan a travel itinerary personally for you.

The schedule will include attractions that suit your interests best. In addition, the intelligent algorithms will optimally fill each day with points of interest according to their geographical location as well as the duration and time of the visit.

You don't need to dig into travel guides and spend awful lot of time on travel forums any more, simply let Triplantica do all the tough work. When the itinerary is ready, you can download it as PDF and share it with friends in a social network, to get their advice and comments.

Triplantica is completely free for you!

We strive to help everybody expirience more exciting trips! That's why we provide the service completely free of charge. Triplantica participates in Booking.com partner program, so each time you book a hotel with our partnership hyperlink Find hotel you help Triplantica remain free!